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PCBC Day School is a ministry of Park Cities Baptist Church that provides quality early childhood education and care for the community of Dallas and surrounding areas through a stimulating, loving Christian environment and a curriculum of active learning that nurtures the growth of the whole child. It is our purpose to prepare each child for the next level of learning and growing cognitively, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.


The Christian faith is built on a strong foundation of God, Jesus, the Bible, and Prayer. The PCBC Day School is committed to introducing your child to the love of God from the time of infancy. We count this opportunity as a great privilege that we do not take for granted. We use creative and hands-on lessons to teach about Jesus and the stories in the Bible, making most of the time we have with your child by setting aside specific times during the day for teaching these exciting truths about God. These teaching moments often include an interactive story, a discussion, a game, music, a craft, a puppet show, and other activities that children enjoy.



Literacy begins in our infant rooms as teachers begin from the earliest moments to connect with children by reading to them, singing, and talking. This love for reading, books and discovering our world in general continues throughout each stage of development increasing through the Kindergarten Readiness year.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math):

God has created each child in a unique and special way for a special purpose. While some children are intrigued by a science project others will be inspired through an art experience. All the areas in STEAM act as a pathway to learning new and exciting things. Their world begins to open when they experience hands-on learning through these multiple domains.

Large and Fine Motor Development: Purposeful planning is used to develop large and small muscle group experiences. These are muscles children use throughout their day to do everything from climbing, jumping, and running to holding a pencil and grasping for small objects. The children have opportunities to practice their large motor skills when out on the playground, or going for a walk on the campus, or actively playing the classroom. Small motor development is seen in the infants class when the children practice their pincer grasp when feeding themselves and seen in the Pre-K classes as they practice holding a pencil correctly.

Social and Emotional Development: This domain of development is seen and experienced early on as children develop close relationships with their teachers and friends. Toddlers to preschoolers are given words to recognize, label and manage their own emotions. We celebrate when children show signs of understanding the emotions of others and express empathy. These first "friendships" set a positive tone for future relationships and socialization.

Learning without Tears – The Day School incorporates Learning without Tears in the Preschool: Three’s, Pre-Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten classes.

Experience Early Learning – The Day School uses Experience Early Learning in our Infants, Young Toddlers, Older Toddlers and Two’s classes.


PCBC Day School is a place for families to connect with each other, to their teachers and administrators and to a church. Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of a home-school relationship, so we begin the year with intentional Meet the Teacher meetings that allow the child and parents to connect with their child’s teacher and begin establishing a strong partnership for the year. We offer a Parent’s Back to School Night which brings all the parents together with the teachers and administration to review the upcoming school year and gives families a chance to connect with each other. We are a school community who benefits from being a part of the greater church community of Park Cities Baptist Church’s Kids, Sports, and Family Ministries. We enjoy inviting our families to special events, such as Christmas and Easter events and various parent education opportunities. If you are currently looking for a church home, we invite you to Park Cities Baptist Church to join us for worship.

Our Campus

Take a look at our beautiful school campus located at Park Cities Baptist Church in North Dallas off Northwest Highway.


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