Kindergarten Readiness


4 Years

Every child is created by God for a special purpose and is given unique talents. In these early years of learning, their unique personality emerges. Children are unique individuals and have unique learning styles and needs, so our teachers use a range of teaching approaches from child-initiated learning to direct teaching. Children will have daily opportunities to choose activities and their own actions. Playing alone, with one or more children or in a small group, they interact with materials freely, in many ways. While children learn best through their play, not all play experiences lead to meaningful learning. Some concepts require explicit teaching. Direct teaching while it is usually purposeful and planned can also be spontaneous or an unplanned teachable moment. For example, the children have returned from a walk in the neighborhood; at circle time, their teacher records the children’s recollections about the experience on a chart. Your child’s world will be opened to new and exciting concepts during their PreK year that will ignite the flame for lifelong learning! We pray they will first learn to love God, love His Word, love their teacher, and love learning.

Transitional Kindergarten

5 Years

We understand some 5-year-olds need a gift of time to be successful in Kindergarten. We appreciate the parent who prioritizes their child’s learning needs and may benefit from having extra time to build their child’s confidence and learning levels. Without this opportunity, Kindergarten can be frustrating, or the child may not reach their full potential. The Transitional Kindergarten class offers an individualized curriculum to prepare the child socially, emotionally, and cognitively for what is ahead. Our low teacher/child ratio allows for small groups or even one-on-one instruction and observation. Teachers work with a variety of small groups. Sometimes the group is self-selected, and the teacher will interact with the group of children who happen to be in one interest area. At other times, a teacher gathers the children she wants to work with on a specific skill or subject such as counting, patterning, classification, or shapes. The student in his Transitional Kindergarten year will gain that extra “boost” of confidence as the year progresses and often becomes the leader in the group and ready for Kindergarten!

Class Ratios

PCBC Day School ratios are below what is set by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services’ Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Standards. The Day School always requires two teachers in each class.


1 Teacher to 6 Pre-Kindergartners | 14 Pre-Kindergartners per class

Transitional Kindergarten

1 Teacher to 6 Transitional Kindergartners | 14 Transitional Kindergartners per class

Example Schedule

The Pre-K and Transitional Kindergarten classes are a 4-day program that meets Monday – Thursday.


8:30 am
Drop-Off and Welcome! Morning Activity

8:45 am
Morning Meeting: Calendar and Circle Time

9:15 am
Centers: Language Arts, STEM, Themed

10:15 am Snack (Provided by the Day School)

10:30 am Playground and Outside Activity


11:15 am Bible


11:30 am Lunch

12:00 pm Rest Time


12:30 pm Enrichment: Music/Chapel/Library/Spanish


1:00PM Playground and Outside Activity

1:30 pm Open Centers


2:00 pm Pick-Up and Farewell!


*Schedule may vary per class and as needed.

Enrichment Classes


All children in the Preschool and older classes will participate in a weekly Chapel time where they listen to Bible stories based on the Day School’s monthly Bible verse/story, sing songs, and do other activities that teach the Bible lessons in simple, age-appropriate, and relevant ways.


The Preschool and older classes will visit the music and movement classroom once a week. During music, the teacher will introduce new songs through singing and playing simple instruments.


All children in the Preschool: Two’s and older classes will meet with the Spanish teacher once a week and be introduced to the basic concepts and phrases of the Spanish language.


Each week the children in the Preschool: Three’s and older classes have a chance to visit the church’s library. We emphasize the importance of literacy and books within our program and value the opportunity to have a weekly visit to the library.

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